1. Bullpup Rifles vs. Standard AR15 and AK Rifles
    The first time I saw a bullpup rifle was in the movie Die Hard. The gun was space age, sleek, modern, and just cool looking. The gun I'm referring to is the Steyr AUG. Ever since that film I have been fascinated by the bullpup concept and what it has to offer the firearm community. Now, what is a...
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  2. The Tavor X95 XB16
    The Tavor X95 XB16 The new Tavor X95 XB16 is the latest in Bullpup technology from IWI US. It is available in 9mm as well as .300 Blackout and 9mm conversion kits, and is available in Black, FDE (XFD16), and OD Green (XG16). When the Israeli firearms manufacturer first designed the original Tavor TAR-1 in the mid 1990s...
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