The CZ Scorpion was one of the guns that helped kick off the popularity of pistol calibers in guns bigger than pistols. Although by legal definition the Scorpion is a pistol we can all admit it’s a little bigger than most pistols. It’s not quite a carbine and technically isn’t a PCC but it helped kick the whole PCC trend off. Over time we’ve seen several models of the Scorpion come to be, including an actual rifle variant. Today we are looking at the latest and possibly greatest of the Scorpion series, the CZ Scorpion Micro.


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Taking the Scorpion and shrinking it was already popular among the Scorpion community, and many fans of the Scorpion were making K Models of the CZ Scorpion. The Scorpion Micro was CZ replying to customer demand like champs. The Scorpion Micro trims the barrel down to 4.12 inches, cuts the weight to 5.5 pounds with a brace, and gives the handguard an M-LOK makeover and a little trim as well. The barrel is topped with a NO Octane SilencerCo faux suppressor and the brace is a partnership between Manticore Arms, CZ USA, and SB Tactical. Every CZ Scorpion Micro comes with a collapsing PDW style brace.


If you aren’t familiar with the CZ Scorpion Micro you should know it's a 9mm, semi-automatic, box fed, blowback pistol manufactured by CZ. The CZ Scorpion was a big success due to its relatively low price for a new gun design, as well as it’s affordable magazines and reliable nature.



Ergonomically the CZ Scorpion Micro is an excellent gun with one minor flaw. That flaw is the ambidextrous safety and its tendency to poke and prod the firing hand with every shot. Numerous companies have produced an aftermarket safety delete and a lot of people Dremel off the offending side.


Beyond that, this gun is ergonomically very sound. Most of the controls are ambidextrous or can be swapped for left-handed use. The safety, magazine release, and brace lock are all ambidextrous. The charging handle is easy to swap for a left-hander as well. The only control that is not ambi or swappable is the bolt release.


Outside of being ambidextrous, I find the controls all easy to reach and utilize. The magazine release can be activated by the trigger finger of the firing hand for a speed reload, or the thumb of the off-hand when reloading with retention. The forward position of the charging handle makes it easy to reach without moving from a firing position, and you can easily lock the bolt open to clear complicated malfunctions. The safety is also large and easy to utilize. It delivers a nice click between positions that’s tactile and audible.


The Scorpion Micro also comes with an integrated hand stop to prevent your hand from sliding in front of the muzzle. It’s a must-have safety device on a gun so small.


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The brace is very short and is meant with a compact package in mind. It is an arm brace and not a stock of course. As a brace, it secures around the arm comfortably and firmly. It's hard enough to stay put and allow for braced operation.


If you misuse the brace and put it against your shoulder you will find it to be short. Luckily, the Scorpion Micro is a low recoiling gun, so it won't cause pain or accuracy issues. The brace deploys with just a quick pull and is immediately in action. The lock in the center is large and easy to press to collapse the brace.


Firing Impressions

Blowback actions are quite common on sub guns and are known to be simple and reliable. The downside is the big bolt most of these guns have. This does result in more recoil than most expect. However, recoil is still superbly mild. It’s a 9mm round out of a 5.5-pound gun, so it barely moves.


That weight also lends itself to almost no muzzle rise, even when you are rapid-firing the gun is easy to control. It’s so mild I think new shooters would enjoy it. The CZ Scorpion Micro comes with an awesome and robust set of iron sights. These sights feature four rear apertures and a front sight post like an AR 15.


From the factory, my sights were dead on and I was dropping targets rapidly out to 50 and 75 yards. This little guy is quite accurate, and the cold hammer-forged barrel likely helps quite a bit. The sights help when it comes to accurate and fast shooting. The gun does feature a full-length top rail for adding whatever optic you may choose. A good red dot will make you even faster than the irons.


The gun’s ultra-short size makes snap drills and target transitions very quick. It’s short and light so quick engagements are its strength.


The trigger is nothing spectacular. It’s somewhat stiff and spongy, but not terrible overall. The grip is large and hand filling, and you can even adjust it to change the trigger reach. The trigger is my only complaint from the range side of the Scorpion Micro.


The gun’s controls in action are fluid and well thought out. Conducting reloads is easy, as is going from clear to hot. The CZ Scorpion Micro is a very reliable weapon as well. I’d love to tell you about how I cleared this malfunction or that malfunction with speed, but I can’t. I’ve never had a malfunction. The gun runs with even the cheapest and dirtiest ammo. It also runs dirty and hot without stuttering.


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Is the Scorpion Micro for You?

The Scorpion Micro is a big pistol, but a small gun. Compared to a Glock it’s massive but compared to an AR it’s quite compact. The Scorpion Micro is a very controllable package that’s perfect for home defense. The Scorpion Micro is easier to control than a handgun but lighter and shorter than a rifle. It’s an excellent home defense weapon that stays short even when a suppressor is added. The Scorpion Micro is also just a fun and small gun that is cheap to shoot and easy to accessorize. What else could you ask for?


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Credit: Travis Pike

travis pike

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record setting 11 months at sea. He’s trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines and the Afghan National Army. He serves as an NRA certified pistol instructor and teaches concealed carry classes.