M&P Shield M2.0 EDC: The Complete Package for Concealed Carry

People who carry concealed sometimes assume all they need is a reliable handgun, modern defensive ammunition and a decent holster.  That's a good start.  But threats to personal safety don't always occur in broad daylight, so a set of high-visibility sights and an LED flashlight can clearly enhance defensive capabilities.  In addition, good folding knife would also be useful to cut a jammed seatbelt, improvise a bandage or quickly open a reluctant package. Therefore it's clear that a lot can be done to enhance a person's ability to respond in a critical incident by adding a limited number of tools to his or her carry gear.


Topper M&P Shield M2.0 10

The Shield Every Day Carry kit comes in a handy carrying case that keeps all of its components clean and quickly available to respond to a broad variety of situations.


Performance Center Shield EDC

Enhanced response is the basic concept behind Smith and Wesson's Performance Center M&P Shield M2.0 Every Day Carry Kit.  The kit contains an upgraded 9mm. M&P Shield that has a tuned 4.5 lb. trigger, a set of Hi-Viz fiber optic sights and ports in the barrel and slide which reduce weight and vent gas upward to help tame muzzle rise and recoil.  The EDC kit also has a 215 lumen M&P Delta Force 4-mode flashlight which has high beam, low beam, strobe and momentary settings, an M&P Oasis knife with a 2.75" blade and a spare 8-round magazine that doubles the pistol's available firepower .  Taken together, all of these defensive tools give the person who carries them the flexibility to respond under a variety of circumstances.

Flexible response requires tools that are well made and work as intended.  So the pistol, light, knife and both magazines were checked for quality function and performance.  The Shield's fit and finish were very good. In addition, there were no tool marks, unfinished surfaces or poorly made parts inside or out.  The light's rugged aluminum body and lens had no flaws. It's beam was bright and even, and all four modes worked.  The knife had no flaws in its blade or handle.  It opened smoothly with one hand and the blade locked firmly in place.  The woven polymer case was sturdy, held everything firmly, and opened and closed smoothly.


Topper m&p Shield M2.0 9

The Performance Center M&P Shield M2.0 EDC kit contains an enhanced pistol, a 215 lumen tactical light, a folding lock-back knife with a 2.75" blade and a spare magazine to enhance the ability of its owner to respond to a wide variety of critical situations.


Trial by Fire

Over 100 rounds from seven different 9mm. defense loads were fired in the pistol.  There were no stoppages, failures to feed or failures to fire. This particular pistol did not always lock open after the last round was fired, but it automatically locked open when hand cycled with an empty magazine.  This issue will likely resolve as the gun breaks in. The Shield's 4.5 lb. trigger pull broke cleanly with a slight bit of overtravel.  Reset was fast and positive. From 7 yds. ten two-shot body armor drills were fired using magazines loaded with mixed ammunition.  Average time from the holster was 4.85 seconds, shots were on-target and the total score was 169 out of 200.  Velocity and energy levels were consistent with other 9mm. pistols that have 3.1" barrels (see attached chart).  Shooting offhand the best 7 yd. 5-shot group measured 1.34".


Topper M&P Shield M2.0 5

The ports in the barrel of the 9mm M&P Shield M2.0 EDC did a good job of controlling muzzle rise during speed drills from the holster.

Topper M&P Shield M2.0 4

Ten double taps from the holster at 7 yds. produced good hits on this threat target. Average time was 4.85 sec. per two-shot string. 


Well-Rounded Package

S&W's 9mm M&P Shield M2.0 Every Day Carry kit is both well designed and well made.  For those who carry day and night, it offers accuracy, reliability and a flexible response capability at a package deal price.


Topper Shield 7

The Performance Center Shield 2.0 EDC is a well-made 9mm. sub-compact semi-auto that lends itself well to deep concealment.


Topper M&P Shield M2.0 6

S&W's M&P Shield is easy to field strip for cleaning and lubrication.


Topper M&P Shield M2.0 3

The top of the Performance Center Shield EDC has a matte finish and a green Hi-Vis. front and red Hi-Vis. rear fiber optic sights to provide a bright and clear sight picture during daylight hours.


Topper M&P Shield M2.0 2

The Performance Center Shield has two gas ports in the top of the barrel which direct gasses vertically to help reduce both muzzle flip and felt recoil.



S&W 9mm. Shield EDC


Load Velocity Energy
Black Hills 100 gr. Honey Badger 1132 fps. 284 fpe.
Federal 124 gr. HST 1047 fps. 302 fpe.
Hornady 115 gr. Critical Defense 1068 fps. 291 fpe.
Inceptor ARX 65 gr. Inceptor 1539 fps. 389 fpe.
Speer 124 gr. +P   Gold Dot 1060 fps. 309 fpe.
Underwood 90 gr. Extreme Defender 1263 fps. 319 fpe.
Wilson 124 gr. +P Gold Dot 991 fps. 270 fpe.


Topper M&P Shield M2.0 1

The Shield EDC fed, fired and ejected flawlessly with 7 different factory 9mm. loads.


Topper M&P Shield M2.0 11

The Shield EDC fired this 1.34" five-shot group at 7 yds. using 65 gr. Inceptor ARX ammo and a two-hand Isosceles Stance.


Topper M&P Shield M2.0 12

The Shield EDC fired this 2.49" five-shot group at 7 yds. using 124 gr. +P Speer Gold Dot ammo and a two-hand Isosceles Stance.


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Credit: Dr. Martin D. Topper

Martin Topper

Martin D. Topper, Ph.D, is the owner of Martin D. Topper, Ph.D. Consulting, LLC in Daytona Beach, FL.  He is a freelance writer and consultant who has published over 300 articles on firearms, tactics, disaster survival and ammunition over the last 27 years. His specialties include the psychology of critical incidents, urban insurgency, continuity of operations planning, firearms and ammunition design, terminal ballistics and quality management. While employed at the USEPA Criminal Enforcement Program his duties included quality management, firearms training, liaison with firearms programs of other law Federal and Local enforcement agencies, public affairs, liaison with American Indian tribes, and testing and procurement of firearms and ammunition. He has a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Northwestern University and Post-Doctoral training in Psychiatry and Anthropology from the University of California-San Diego Medical School and Anthropology Department.