Everybody wants to create the best of the best, and the folks at NRA's American Rifleman have said that Sig Sauer has taken the cake with the Sig P320 winning the Golden Bullseye Handgun of the Year. Check out the full list of Bullseye Awards Here! The wonders of innovation and design, one could not live without the other, they go together like wine and cheese. Business' success relies on this fundamental practice. When it comes to the firearms industry, innovation is how a company keeps up with your competition. Sig Sauer is constantly doing just that.


The Sig P320 is the newest handgun from Sig Sauer. The interesting and innovative design behind this pistol takes the best qualities of the P250 design and creates a striker fired version. First off, let's go over the differences between the P250 and the P320. The P250 was Sig Sauer's answer to a modular handgun system that utilizes a serialized chassis that was double action only. This set up allows the end user to change frame sizes and calibers if need be. The gun was a success for awhile until people didn't care for the double action mechanism. After feedback from customers on what they would prefer on the next design, the folks at Sig Sauer took the input to heart and eventually came up with the Sig P320. The P320 is similar to the P250 but lacks the double action mechanism and implements the more popular striker fired mechanism. The chassis is removable and allows the user to switch calibers and frame sizes. All in all it's a neat design that allows the user to have multiple guns chambered in varying calibers with only one serial number. Interested in more specs on the P320? Find out more here! 

sig p320

Now on to the big question, why was this gun chosen for Handgun of the Year over the other designs? I prefer hammer fired pistols from H&K and Sig Sauer, but when it comes to striker fired guns, I tend to lean toward the newer designs because they essentially fixed the flaws in the previous weapon lines. I like the H&K VP9 and The Walther PPQ, but what I find fascinating in the Sig P320 is it's modularity. This feature is like none I have seen so far. Having the ability to switch out the chassis to another frame size and caliber is something special. Think of Law Enforcement agencies with tight budgets that purchase the P320 and can now offer their officers a range of flexibility depending on the circumstance. I believe that speaks volumes, and I believe the concept is growing in popularity.

American Rifleman awarded the Sig P320 the Golden Bullseye award for Handgun of the Year, and for good reason. For a company that continues to innovate and change the way we know and feel about firearms, it's safe to say that no matter what type of Sig Sauer you are interested in, you'll feel confident when it counts.

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