The Springfield XDs .45 ACP Essentials

The Springfield XDs .45 ACP is hands down one of the most outstanding sub-compact carry 45’s available on the market today. When it was introduced in 2012, it re-wrote the rules of what we, as gun buyers, were allowed to carry when trying to find that perfect “smallest and most powerful” concealment firearm. Before this was unveiled, we were bound by small calibers if we wanted to carry incognito. But times have changed.


Springfield XDs .45 ACP

One thing that has been left unchanged, however, is the unique value that Springfield XDs .45 ACP has to offer. Traditionally, the package included a paddle holster for the gun, a 2-magazine belt holster, extra fiber optic front sights, a bore brush, and a hi-quality gun case that kept it all organized and together. Today, Springfield offers a more economically priced package for this firearm and it only includes what they consider “essential.” And this package happens to be branded The Essentials Package.

What the Springfield XDs .45 ACP Essentials Package Includes

Springfield XDs .45 ACP

This Essentials Package includes the same hi-quality firearm, 2 magazines (one flush mount and one extended mag), the extra Fiber Optic front sights (one Red and one Green/Yellow), the standard bore brush, 1 extra backstrap, and its own slightly smaller but still great quality hard gun case. Not a bad way to get started, right? I can assure you that the bang for buck value is second to none as well compared to other packages out there. Especially at prices!

The Springfield XDs .45 ACP Gun Features

Springfield XDs .45 ACP

Instantly when you see it, XDs .45 pretty much looks exactly like its smaller counterpart, the XDs 9mm. (Except there’s a bigger hole at the end of it!) The aggressive stippling wraps all the way around the pistol grip to provide an outstanding positive grip to help manage and mitigate recoil.  The trigger has a crisp, clean break after you take up the small amount of creep, and the reset is just as short and quick. The Springfield XD-S .45 ACP weighs in at about 23 oz., which isn’t too bad, and let's not forget the back-strap safety which is a great added feature to mitigate against accidental discharge. This means your hand will have to be physically gripping the gun for the trigger to able to engage and fire.

Overall, the Springfield XDs .45 ACP is a great sub-compact pistol for carry and concealment, and self-defense purposes. It is just an overall great pistol to take out for a fun day of sending rounds down range. Click here for a complete list of specifications and pick yours up at today!