For many people, including some first time gunbuyers, money is tight! I know this and so do you, but sometimes the most frugal shopper finds the diamond in the rough. Case in point, the Taurus PT111 Millenium Pro G2.

The Taurus PT111 is a fantastic gun for the price. Taurus has created a type of firearm that is easily accessible and comfortable enough in the hand that anyone can handle it. The appeal of the Taurus PT111 is the size and weight. The PT111 weighs in at a whopping 22oz unloaded. For the average person out there who doesn't think that's a big deal, make no mistake, when you carry for a living precious ounces can be a HUGE factor. The next thing Taurus has going for them is the striker fired mechanism. The Taurus PT111 utilizes a striker fired mechanism, similar to Glock, S&W M&Ps etc and so on. By having this feature the shooter is able to have a consistent trigger pull with no surprise, differing from guns that feature a hammer design that incorpoate DA/SA (double action/ single action). This mode of operation can confuse some new shooters by the transition from double to single. The striker fired versions do away with all that and give the shooter the confidence of knowing that when they pull the trigger it will be the same each time.  For more information on the specs of the Taurus PT11 Click Here!

taurus pt111

It's hard to miss the elephant in the room, the price. The Taurus PT111 is a low cost alternative to some other brands. At this point in time is selling the PT111s for $209! Thats right, the conscientious buyer can pony up $209 and get a fantastic gun that holds 12+1 of 9mm, has a loaded chamber indicator, and comes equipped with Taurus' safety lock system which allows the shooter to lock up the gun with a key provided so any unauthorized users will be locked out. Now, you may be thinking that prices fluctuate with inflation, but if you go to Taurus' website the MSRP on the PT111 is only $301.52. That means the going price online will always be lower and with the overwhelming concealed carry market in full swing, you bet that these little pistols will be flying off the shelves.

In the end it all comes down to economy and whether or not you'd like a great gun on a budget! The Taurus PT111 has a healthy following and deservedly so; you just have to decide if you are going to pull the trigger on this fantastic deal. If you're in the market for a robust, user friendly pocket pistol that wont break the bank, then the Taurus PT111 Millenium Pro G2 is the answer for you. Don't forget the ammo while you're at it!

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