The Tavor X95 XB16

The new Tavor X95 XB16 is the latest in Bullpup technology from IWI US. It is available in 9mm as well as .300 Blackout and 9mm conversion kits, and is available in Black, FDE (XFD16), and OD Green (XG16).

When the Israeli firearms manufacturer first designed the original Tavor TAR-1 in the mid 1990s, they did so to meet the weaponry needs for close quarters combat situations. Soldiers needed something that they can use while maneuvering and clearing houses and buildings in urban environments, but yet had to be just as reliable (if not more) than the AR or AK platforms. Not only did the Tavor TAR-21 present a shorter profile than “traditional” ARs, it also featured an ambidextrous, modular platform. It didn’t matter if the shooters were left handed or right handed. The Tavor could be configured to fit the exact needs of each individual shooter. Today, the Tavor platform is one of the most predominate weapon systems used by today's Elite Special Forces Units.

Tavor X95 XB16

Once the Tavor was allowed to be released to the civilian market, they began shipping them over to the US with the designation of “SAR.” Since then, a following of bullpup shooters has evolved that has turned the weekend warrior’s world upside down.

Now, the next evolution of bullpup designs has hit the market with more advanced features and design changes that many shooters have been begging for… and IWI has obviously listened.

Tavor X95 XB16

New Features on the X95 XB16

  • The new X95 now features an “M16” style Mag Release Button instead of the old SAR switch which made magazine changes unacceptably more difficult and time consuming.
  • Shooters now have the ability to change out their pistol grip according to their personal preference simply by unscrewing the screw on the bottom of the pistol grip
  • Relocation of the charging handle that is closer to the shooters center of mass
  • Lower profile bolt release and enhanced rear receiver
  • A forearm tactical rail system to accommodate accessories such as a flashlight
  • And finally, a lighter trigger system (5-6 lbs.)

The new Magazine Release Button and forward rail design are by far my two favorite modifications on this new model. No more awkward feelings trying to nail that rear magazine switch will manipulating the firearm during maneuvers or while conducting tactical reloads. Yes, once you got the hang of the old system you were able to get pretty good at it, but with this new AR style magazine button, its 100x easier. And the forward rail system that comes covered from the factory with the standard plastic forehand guards (seen in the photos above) are absolutely perfect for mounting a flashlight for home defense purposes, or even a forward grip.

Overall, I would say that the Bullpup platform has evolved into an exceptional platform with the new Tavor X95 XB16, especially for close quarter combat applications. If you haven't gotten the chance to try one yet, do so and it will open your mind to a whole new world of shooting.

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