The handgun, a marvelous wonder of achievement. From the early days of the flintlock pistols all the way to the plastic fantastic versions of today, you can't deny the evolution of the handgun is taking place before our very eyes. Some of the most state of the art advancements have come in the form of striker fired handguns. After feedback from our customers we've decided to give you this matchup, the Walther PPQ vs the H&K VP9.

First, a little history. The striker fired system in firearms isn't all that new, the first striker fired weapon was a shotgun designed by a Daniel Lefever in 1878. The striker fired design started becoming more popular in the late 70s into the 80s. One of the first semi successful designs was the H&K VP70. It was a polymer framed, striker fired handgun that held 17 rounds of ammunition. Ironic that the same company is now making an updated version/iteration of the VP model: the VP9. The VP9 is the latest offering from Heckler and Koch. The company first started making striker fired handguns back in the 70s and 80s with the VP70 and the P7 squeeze cocker. But the company began to stray away from those designs and focused on hammer fired designs like the H&K USP and the P30. Recently, the company began to enter the race to compete with its other German rival the Walther PPQ.

The Walther PPQ is an updated version/ iteration of the companies' successful P99 series of handguns. One of the awe-inspiring attributes that accompany this handgun is the trigger. The trigger on the PPQ is a refined and polished version of a Glock style trigger. People who have fired Glocks before know that a new Glock tends to have some creep in the trigger that will get better over time. The Walther on the other hand has refined the trigger from the factory and allows the shooter to make accurate shots while not having to "break in" a trigger from the start. One of the other pros of the Walther PPQ is the ergonomics of the design. The developers over at Walther wanted to create a certain angle and feel to their grip so that the gun simply melts into your hand and points instinctively. This is a big selling point for the PPQ. For more information on the Walther PPQ Click Here.





Now, here comes the VP9 from H&K. The VP9 takes the same characteristics, and tweaks them some to their benefit. The design of the VP9 is a variation of the companies' P30 design. The main difference between the P30 and the VP9 is the striker fired operation, whereas the P30 is hammer fired.  The VP9 has the ability to swap out backstraps as well as side panels on the gun giving the user a plethora of options to choose from to suit their hand size. Now the trigger on the VP9 is the main selling point. The trigger is crisp, and smooth, but breaks a little later compared to the Walther PPQ. As far as both the PPQ and VP9 triggers go, I'd say they are pretty close in comparison.



In my opinion it would just have to come down to personal preference whether you go with the PPQ or the VP9. Between the two designs, you can't go wrong. Both are top-tier German manufacturing at their finest. However, if the only thing it comes down to is your pocketbook, then I would seriously look at the Walther PPQ. The PPQ does everything the H&K does for a little less. Now, if you just love the design and characteristics of the VP9 and realize that you are getting what is essentially a more affordable P30, then check out the H&K VP9 series. Either way you win, you just have to decide which one is up to the task!

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