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  1. Guide to Handgun Sights
    Fiber optic, contrast, phosphorescent oh my: A look at the differences between common handgun sights Have you ever wondered why there are so many different handgun sights these days. Have you ever stared at two different pistols and thought “what’s the difference” and “why is this one more expensive than that one?" Well I’m here to tell you that those questions are common and the answer can seem a little complicated. Follow me down the labyrinth rabbit hole that is handgun sights, as I explain the basic differences between each type. So we can agree that, generally speaking, handguns come standard with...
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  2. Walther PPQ M1 5" Exclusively at Gunbuyer
    Back with the paddle again: A look at the outstanding Walther PPQ M1 5” Attention magazine paddle aficionados, rejoice because now Walther has finally introduced a long slide variant of their highly successful M1 line of PPQ handguns. The new Walther shares some similarities with the company’s other offerings while still maintaining that European design that we’ve come to love since the introduction of the Walther P99 back in 1997. To start off we need to go back a bit to see how the Walther PPQ M1 came to be and how we came to love and...
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