Tactical Handgun

  1. Heckler & Koch VP9 : The History of the H&K VP Series
    One of our most popular handguns right now is the Heckler & Koch Vp9. The key to success in the business world is to adapt and change with the times. Granted, there are products that a company produces that develop a following that will span decades, but every so often a company decides to take a turn and try something new...
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  2. Colt USMC CQBP 1911
    The Colt USMC CQBP 1911 The Colt USMC CQBP 1911 (Close Quarters Battle Pistol) is the culmination of  battlefield history that only old school “salty” Marines can truly understand; Marines like “Chesty” Puller and 2-Time Medal of Honor Recipient, Smedley Butler. When I was and Active Duty Marine, I held the MOS of 0331 during my first Combat...
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